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Kevin Clancy
Kevin Clancy

Dear Real Estate Agent:

I understand that you may be a newer agent who is just getting started or you’ve been in the business for a couple years but you find yourself lacking the kind of consistency, income, and support you desire in your real estate career.

For some people, this can be painful. In fact, a lack of sufficient training and business leads to many agents leaving the industry altogether. Studies show that 87% of real estate agents leave the business within the first five years of getting their license.

Agents like this run out of money, get distracted, and fall flat in their career due to a lack of support.

Many agents find initial success by mirroring the more successful agents in their office. Others try spending money on leads instead of mastering the fundamentals. But eventually, all agents in this situation run out of money. The next thing they know, they will have exhausted their database and gained a bunch of debt without a clue about where to go next.

This leads to a lot of uncertainty and stress. You have to pay your bills while wondering where your next paycheck will come from. Of the insufficient and inconsistent income you may be producing now, much of it is going right back into paying for marketing expenses and other costs not covered by your brokerage.

If this problem doesn’t get solved, you’re going to be out of the business. Or at the very least, you won’t be loving what you do and enjoying the lifestyle you want.

The truth is, some agents just aren’t prepared for the industry. On our team, we’re working to fix this. We have a track record of taking people from other industries with zero real estate experience and putting them on the right track to making as much as $180,000 within two years.

I’m Kevin Clancy and I’ve been in the business for 31 years. In that time, I’ve seen the industry change. The traditional brokerage model doesn’t work anymore. On our team, however, we provide the leads for our agents, and everybody produces on a high level.

At the end of the day, our culture is what separates us. It’s a culture that values hard work and production. Everyone is on the same lead system, and we work as a team. No other team on our market is able to provide for their agents at the level we do.

A few of the things we offer our agents include:

  • A lead generation system that works for you
  • Full administrative support
  • Training and mentorship from top-level professionals

In addition, we spend $10,000 per month on Zillow leads and $400,000 a year on marketing. This generates far more inbound traffic and leads than other firms.

We give our agents every opportunity to learn, grow, take on leads, and, ultimately, close transactions. On our team, you're able to focus on real estate transactions while we take care of the rest. It allows you to spend more time dedicated to meeting your clients’ needs.

In short, you could continue at your current pace—making inconsistent income, paying for your own marketing and advertising expenses, and having little freedom in your life and career. You could also join a big-box brokerage with some training to start out, but little support after that. You could also join someone else’s team, but you’ll probably find that you’re working more for the team than on the team.

Or, you could take the first step on the road to success and join my team. From day one, you’ll be provided with all of the things we mentioned above.

The onboarding process will include:

  • Sitting down with me so we can discuss your goals
  • Explaining our lead system and follow-up processes

After no more than two days, you’ll be up and running. By following our training, support, and systems, we guarantee you’ll make $75,000 your first year. If you don’t, we’ll pay the difference. Our splits are 70/30 for agent-produced leads and 50/50 for team produced leads.

Don’t just take my word for it. One of our current agents previously worked as a bartender before joining us. Her goal was to buy a house and start a family, and during her first year with us, she made $75,000. In just two years afterward, she was making upwards of $190,000.

New agents on our team are known to thrive. In fact, the primary reason agents never leave or are let go is due to their own lack of motivation. If you are willing to work, follow through on expectations, and meet your goals, you will grow as an agent on our team.

Now is the time to turn around your life and career. If you are a motivated individual with a track record of success and the drive to meet your goals, please apply today. We have two positions available, and we value someone who will be a good culture fit above anything else.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

Kevin Clancy

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