If you’re not moving forward purposefully in your life, I can help you get on the right track.

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Are you moving forward purposefully in your real estate career? Are you getting what you want out of life?

This week, I found a sheet of paper on one of my agent’s desks that was labeled “Action Plan,” which you can see in the video above. On this sheet, he lists a daily schedule of what time to wake up, when to prospect, what to eat, when to go to the gym, what time to go to bed, and who his accountability partners are.

This action plan is a recipe to change your life. This agent of mine will absolutely be a $250,000 earner within 12 months, and that action plan will absolutely change his life if he sticks to that schedule.

Now, the question I have for you is this: Are you taking the time to manage all the aspects of your life that come into play? By this, I mean things like your finances, your faith, your diet, your relationships, and your overall work-life balance.

Are you purposeful in each of these aspects? Go through each and rate them on a scale of one to 10. My agent has done that, and he’s prioritized what it’s going to take for him to change his life and get himself to the income level he wants to be at.


Think about the areas in your life that need improvement. How can you improve them? If you’re serious about your career in real estate, how can you improve it and get better?

I’d be happy to sit down with you and talk about your real estate career. I can share with you how I started my own real estate career and what we do now to be one of the top teams in the state of New York.