If you want to take your career to the next level in 2019, start by setting goals that seem impossible to you.

Have you set your goals for 2019? 

If you haven’t already made a business plan for 2019, now’s the time to get your goals down in writing. It’s a proven fact that if you write your goals down, you’ll have a better chance at achieving them. Even if you don’t achieve them, you will still accomplish more than what you would have if you didn’t write them down. 

When setting your goals, you want to have a BHAG, or a “big, hairy, audacious goal.” For example, what’s the highest number of homes you think you can sell? 75? Double it and shoot for 150. 

When I got my start in real estate, I was selling homes out of my bedroom. I had no systems, processes, or CRMs to speak of. My leads were sticky notes stuck to my laptop. Things have changed a lot since then, but that’s because I had the will to succeed. When I was in that bedroom, I set a goal to sell 100 homes in one year. At the time, I thought that was impossible, but I ended up selling 105 homes. 

“You need to set a goal that’s so high that you might assume you can’t possibly do it.”

When you set a crazy-high goal, you start thinking of the systems and processes you need to achieve that goal. This effect relates to an all-important principle about goals: It’s not achieving the goal that’s important—it’s about who you become while achieving that goal. 

As you may know, I completed my very first marathon not too long ago, and you know what? It didn’t matter to me whether I finished that marathon or not. Obviously, I wanted to finish it, but it’s who I became during the three months of training leading up to that marathon that was really important. I lost 30 pounds, my resting heart rate dropped, and I just became a better person overall. 

The same principle applies to real estate. You need to set a goal that’s so high that you might assume you can’t possibly do it. Just by setting it, you’ll still achieve more. 

Look at it this way: If I set a goal to do 10 pushups, I’ll do 10 pushups and then quit. If I set a goal to do 100, though, I might just do 14, 16, or even 20 pushups. You might think you failed in achieving your goal if you do only 20 pushups, but you also doubled what you would’ve done if your goal was only 10 pushups. 

So, as you plan for 2019, remember to set your goals so high that you think there’s no way you’ll be able to achieve them. I promise that you’ll achieve amazing results. 

If you’re having trouble setting goals or you’d like to talk about what it’s like being on a team where you can make $100,000 a year, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I would absolutely love to help you reach your goals and have an amazing life and career. 

As always, if you have any other questions for me or there’s anything else I can help you with, feel free to reach out to me as well. I look forward to speaking to you.