Are you doing enough to create value? Here are some thoughts to chew on.

Obviously, COVID-19 is still affecting us (so be diligent with your safety measures), but the market is opening up.

The typical buyer will register on four to six real estate sites—Zillow, Trulia, and a host of other lesser-known sites—and they’re going to be hammered by incoming calls for all kinds of agents. Why in the world would they choose you? The answer is the value you provide, and I’m going to show you how to create massive value for your clients. 

Recently, I got a call from two gentlemen working with a local Realtor, and they were totally unsatisfied. They told me what happened leading up to them losing a transaction, and I was left scratching my head. I wondered to myself, “How could such mishandling of a transaction even happen?” 

We set these gentlemen up with one of my agents (I literally got them on the phone with my agent at 10 o’clock at night). They were under contract within three days, and they have nothing but great things to say about my agents. It was real estate done the way it should be; not only should we make things easy for our clients, but we must also create massive value. I know you guys care about your clients, but do your clients know how much you care about them?

“We need to have a system and a process to take care of our clients so they know how much we care.”

Here’s a personal anecdote: I’m putting a fence in, so I sought quotes from multiple companies. It was amazing to see the difference in professionalism just among these fencing companies. One company canceled their appointment on me, and another just sent an email with a generic number and a statement saying, “Let us know if you want us to write it up for you.” On the other hand, one company emailed me back immediately, gave me a quote over the phone, texted me the night before my appointment to verify that they’d still be there at 2 o’clock, and gave me six pages of necessary disclosures. 

I chose the latter company, despite the fact that they weren’t the cheapest one. In fact, they were $600 more than some of their competitors, but I went with them because they created real value for me. I had faith that they would hand mix the cement and put in each fence post correctly. I simply didn’t have faith in the other guys. 

Real estate is no different. We need to have a system and a process to take care of our clients so they know how much we care. How are you going to create value for your clients this week? How are you going to communicate with them faster and more effectively? 

Lastly, if you’re not using video like we are, you need to start now. It tells clients that you’re capable, communicative, and transparent. 

As always, reach out if you have any questions. We’re looking to add two people to our team, so if you’re ready to join a high-caliber team that is flooded with business and opportunity, give us a call or shoot an email.