Anybody can make money in real estate, but far fewer can make a consistent living month after month. Here’s why.

My team has absolutely been killing it lately. I have a brand-new agent who has seven homes under contract in just two months! After she started getting her checks, however, she started asking me what she should put aside for taxes and how she can create a consistent income.

“You should be calling 30 to 40 leads each and every day.”

After managing dozens of agents over the years, I found that agents have a tendency to get five or six pending deals and shift all of their time and energy there. It’s a full-time job handling that many transactions at once, to be fair. However, what tends to happen is that agents lose their focus on the rest of their business. Their income peaks, it drops off for a few months, then it peaks again when there are more deals in the pipeline.

To create consistent income, you must stay in contact with your leads no matter how many pending transactions you have. You should be calling 30 to 40 people each and every day to prospect for business and create the consistent income you desire.

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