I recently got back from a trip with some fellow top producers, and the prevailing questions I received were about how agents can compete with top-producing teams like mine. The answer comes down to one simple aspect of your business.

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I was recently in San Diego for a trip with some fellow top producers, and many of them wanted to know how they could compete with someone like me who has endorsements like Barbara Corcoran and has my name out there like I do. They did a survey asking sellers what was most important when selling, and the No. 1 response was customer service.

Basically, the majority of clients wanted to feel like they were their agent’s only client.


If you’re an individual agent, you can give clients much more attention than a team member can. We know that 40% of business is referral business, and that’s because of the client experience.

So how can you compete with a team like mine? It’s all about managing the client experience from day one. We’ve reached the point of making a promise about the level of our service to clients from the very beginning. If we break that promise, there will be major implications for us as a firm.

Think about having the client experience in the forefront of your mind as you meet people and talk to clients knowing how important it is to most people.

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