If you or someone you know needs masks or supplies to help fight off the virus, I’d love to give you the contact information of a provider.

Even in spite of the virtual showings that we’ve been offering, my team has received a ton of requests for in-person home showings. Allowing them just isn’t worth it; you should, of course, be wearing masks and gloves when you must interact with people, but the current rules in place disallow agents from meeting with clients in person unless it is absolutely necessary. Virtual tools allow your clients’ transactions to move forward without any unnecessary risk.

But perhaps more important than reaching out to discuss real estate, you should be contacting your past clients to make sure they and their families are safe.

“I was able to source 1,000 KN95 masks for those who need them.”

Speaking of safety measures, I was recently at Price Shopper when I saw an elderly lady shopping without a mask or gloves. As you probably know, we’re mandated to wear masks out in public. 

I was able to source 1,000 KNN95 masks for those who need them from a supplier in Hong Kong. If you or someone you know needs any, I can give you his contact information. It’s really important for us Realtors to be giving back to the community that supports us so strongly when the market is good. And though I know it’s hard to spend money, now is the time for us to step up.

And if there’s anything else my team can do for you or someone you know, reach out to us. Nothing would make me happier than to help keep you safe and healthy.