Communication is key if you want to survive in this market.

As a real estate agent, if you’re working on the buyer side of things, it’s tough out there. How are you dealing with multiple offers? What are you doing to survive in this market when inventory is so low?

The words I keep hearing are, “I can’t find a home,” and, “There’s no inventory.” These are weak words. Homes are getting sold, and agents are getting offers accepted in multiple-offer situations. The question is: How are you going to pivot and get your offer accepted when you’re facing five other offers? There are many tricks you can use. As a listing agent, I’m looking at multiple offers every single week, and I can tell you that there are certain things agents are doing right and certain things they’re doing wrong.

Communication is the most important thing to remember, so get on the phone with those listing agents. The number of outbound calls you make is directly proportional to your income. Aside from listing agents, reach out to your prior clients and the rest of the contacts in your phone. I didn’t know how many contacts I had in my phone until the day I recorded this video, but it turns out I have about 23,000. Whenever you have some downtime, pick up your phone and call some contacts. Just touching base to check in is one of the most valuable things you can do. We’re almost a year into the COVID pandemic, and people are starting to get stressed. I’m seeing this with my own clients.

“The number of outbound calls you make is directly proportional to your income.”

Communicating is what top agents are doing to win. I was on a Zoom call with Tom Ferry recently, and he says that 43% of all real estate agents in this country have never sold a home; it’s really concerning. We have so many people coming into this industry because they think it’s a great time to do so. It is, but it also requires a lot of work to get your offers accepted and get listings in such a low-inventory environment.

If you’d like to know how my team gets our offers accepted, give me a call. I have two spots available for agents who want to make $150,000 per year. I promised the youngest agent on my team that I’d help her win Rookie of the Year last year, and she did that while making 40 sales.

If you have any other questions or there’s something else I can assist you with, feel free to reach out to me as well. I look forward to hearing from you.