Client appreciation events help you reconnect with and stay top of mind with your clients.

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Client appreciation events are a valuable tool for agents to cultivate better relationships with their clients. If you’re not throwing at least one annual client appreciation event per year, I recommend you start doing so.


My team and I recently hosted a great Thanksgiving pie giveaway. We made several hundred pies and had many clients stop by our office. These kinds of events are a great way to stay top of mind, reconnect with your clients, and re-energize your relationship with them.

Speaking of appreciation, I’m taking most of my team to the Bahamas next week to an all-inclusive resort. If you or your team isn’t going to the Bahamas, give me a call and I’ll explain to you why we’re making the trip. I love my team, and they make me want to be a better person every single day. It’s because of them that I love coming into work.

If you’re not experiencing that kind of work environment, I also invite you to give me a call so I can talk to you about getting you to a six-figure income.

If you have any other questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you, and I hope you have an awesome holiday season.