Today I wanted to talk to you about how to grow your business through online reviews.

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Summer is upon us and the actual number of home sales is down, but it’s still very competitive for buyers. I know that you buyer’s agents are working your tails off—putting in multiple offers and working twice as hard just to get one offer accepted—and it can be frustrating. Today I wanted to talk to you about how you develop your business.

The No. 1 thing right now is online reviews. The question is do you have a system to obtain these online reviews and do you manage them? I’ve gotten over 200 reviews on various sites, and we got our first negative review recently. It was a client who had bought a home with us and it was unfortunate that they weren’t satisfied.

So the question is, “How do you manage and respond to reviews?” It’s important not to look at any negative reviews as a bad thing, but an opportunity to improve your systems and processes. In this particular case, we didn’t do anything wrong, but we still responded to the reviewer. You can read how we responded on our Zillow page to get an idea how to respond to negative reviews that you may receive.


If you really want to grow your business, it’s about treating clients well and getting them to tell people how great you are. So I want you to think about how you can get online reviews, manage them, and respond to any negative reviews if you should get any.

No matter what you do or how many clients you have, you’re always going to have someone who might not be satisfied with your service. The key here is to communicate with them and do the best job that you can.

This week, go out and get three new reviews online. It will change your business—I guarantee it.

If you have any questions about this topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.