Don’t underestimate the marketing power of handwritten notes.

I was on a call recently with business owners to discuss marketing. I spend a fortune on marketing—I’m spending over $100,000 on radio, television, Zillow, and more. Not everyone can afford a marketing budget of that size, but ultimately, good marketing is all about how you position yourself and create value for your clients.

One of the most effective tools in marketing that I still use all the time is a handwritten note. Every single day, I get messages from various online platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, as well as text messages. How many handwritten notes do I receive each week? I might get three a week from clients, but I always open and read them.

“It isn’t difficult or expensive, and I can guarantee that your business will change.”

So why don’t more agents use them? It’s so easy to buy stamps and send letters out through the mail. Here’s a secret: I get Dunkin Donut-branded gift cards with my logo on them and send them out to our clients with notes to thank them for their business and support. Remember, we exist for our clients, and the gift cards only cost 88 cents!

So as we ramp up business as the economy starts to reopen, challenge yourself to write three notes to clients every day. It isn’t difficult or expensive, and I can guarantee that your business will change. These simple acts of handwritten appreciation can be some of the most effective ways to market yourself—even more than radio and television.

As a final note: If you are struggling with not being able to find business during this challenging time, reach out to me. We have more buyers coming in than we can handle right now. Give us a call to find out what it’s like to work with our team.