Staying consistent with your schedule will lead to success in real estate.

Fall is here, and we’re not seeing much of a slowdown from our real estate market. We don’t know how long these conditions will last, and we shouldn’t be as busy as we are, but I’m not complaining. As they say, you have to make hay while the sun shines, and it’s time to make your Q4 push. 

That leads me to today’s topic, and it’s the one word that explains where you’re probably falling short in your real estate career: consistency. How often do you start something but don’t follow through with it? I jog every morning, and each morning I pass the same guy at the same spot. This tells me he’s leaving his house at the same time, running at the same pace I am, and following the same road. We’re both consistent and doing what it takes to be a runner. I ran the same distance (4.5 miles) the morning I recorded this video as I did the day before and followed the same loop, and my times were within one second of each other. 

The key to success in real estate is consistency. How often do you call expired listings or FSBOs and stop? I guarantee that if you’re consistent in your prospecting and call 25 people every day, five days a week, it’s almost impossible not to make a six-figure income.

“There are proven actions that will lead to success in real estate.”

What happens to a lot of agents, though, is that they start out great but eventually stop. The first day they’ll call 25 people, but then they’ll start getting deals under contract and that number drops. You may have gotten a lot of deals under contract after that first round of prospecting, but what happens when those deals close? Since you haven’t been prospecting, you have to start all over again. Thus your income is on a roller coaster instead of a linear growth. 

Whatever you focus on, have a consistent schedule for it. There are proven actions that will lead to success in real estate, but so many agents don’t do them, and it boils down to a lack of discipline. It’s no different than jogging every day. If I ran just one day a week, I wouldn’t see any results. Running is something you have to do consistently and purposefully, and real estate is the same way. 

If you’re struggling with your career, give me a call. My team and I generate more web traffic than we can handle, and I’d be happy to sit down with you and talk about how we make that happen. I look forward to hearing from you.