What is driving your success, and what’s holding you back? These are questions I’ll address today.

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This week, I found some inspiration from an unexpected source. I was watching a video featuring Will Smith, and this video actually reminded me of why I am where I’m at today.

Will Smith has always been a hero of mine. When he talks about his career, he often talks about the fear of not knowing where his work will lead him next. Even though he would never have to work another day in his life if he didn’t want to, he genuinely cares about what he does.

I think a lot of successful people have this same concern and this same drive. A lot of successful people work from fear, and this is definitely the case for me.

If I’m not doing deals, I’m not going to produce income. So, the question this brings up is: What drives your success?

All of us have a desire to succeed, but many of us lack discipline. This lack of discipline is what really kills our businesses. You can talk all you want about the things you want, but all that talk will lead you nowhere if you don’t act on it.


As real estate professionals, we all want to be great at what we do. But being great is a lot of work. It requires us to train hard, work on scripts, make calls, and be persistent.

During my recent training session with Mike Ferry, he brought an agent up on stage who sold 100 homes and had 150 listings this year. He made 30 contacts a day, which is 150 contacts a week. This is approximately 59,000 contacts a year. This means to get 150 listings, he failed 58,050 times. Still, this guy had a great year—he earned $400,000, all because he was willing to “walk the walk.”

So, are you willing to do so, too? Are you willing to act on the goals you talk about and make them happen? I think the answer for many of us is no, and that is fine. But, realize that you won’t be able to find the success you want if you don’t have the discipline to do what it takes. The biggest thing holding us back from success is our inability to do things that we’d rather not do.

The question to consider is, “How badly do you want success?” Life is a series of actions and reactions. You have to put in the work to get the success you want.

Finally, I’d like to share a video with you that I saw myself for the first time about six or seven years ago. The video is called “The Strangest Secret,” and it talks about many of the same things we’ve gone over today, and I absolutely recommend checking it out. I can almost guarantee it will change your life, because it definitely changed mine. You can find that video here.

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